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The Metaverse is here and rapidly evolving digital experiences in every way imaginable. Major announcements from industry behemoths like Facebook (Meta) and Microsoft in late 2021 have set the tone for accelerated development of these new worlds.

NFT’s are completely revolutionizing eCommerce and the way brands go to market and this space provides access to the savviest, crypto rich influencers and buyers.

Avigation AI’s team of experienced strategists, engineers, innovators, marketers, and relationship managers can help you access and plan what’s right for your business. Dive into our content and demos to learn more and contact us today to set up a consultation.

In the NEWS -  Industry CASE STUDY’s


Avigation AI’s PGA and Gaming Demo gives you a quick glance at our machine learning and highlight consolidation engine in action. Here you’ll learn how to capture video clips at light speed for social media marketing/advertising, event summaries and highlights and NFT assets.


Dive into the Decentraland Metaverse and take a tour of all that this world has to offer from an event management, networking, socialization, and eCommerce perspective. The future of gaming, entertainment, work, music venues, real-estate, shopping, and trade show/conferencing is all here.


We can help you plan it, build it, promote it, and measure your success along the way.

References: Podcast on Decentraland, Pak Poets Campaign, Wunderman on Metaverse

  • CASE STUDY #1 – Weed Event in Decentraland

  • CASE STUDY #2 – Music/Whiskey Event in Decentraland

  • CASE STUDY #3 – Real-estate showings in Decentraland

  • CASE STUDY #4 – Open Sea Painting


Avigation AI’s mission is simple – we want to “help people thrive in the Metaverse” as the next frontier of digital experiences. 

At this stage in our digital economy, fortune favors the individuals that have a story to tell, art to share in limitless formats and the ability to reach the masses via technology – without sacrificing profits to big businesses. NFT’s, Crypto, and the blockchain all provide a platform for the “little guy” to share their talents alongside the Fortune 500 behemoths.


Founded by a diverse group of sales and marketing leaders, technologists, engineers, with a direct pipeline to private equity.

Sudhir helped bring several startups from the pre-product, pre-revenue phase to market; he also drove digital transformation at a Fortune 250 company while maintaining or exceeding regular revenue targets. He commented that, “In all of my past positions my focus has been on applying data in the most transformative, useful ways possible. In addition to creating value and realizing revenue, however, I have always aimed to foster cultures of excitement, collegiality, and continued innovation.”


What started as a small print shop just outside of Chicago has evolved into a digital transformation engine for marketers. Today we leverage our experience in early adoption of technologies, strong partnerships, and a constant curiosity with new market forces. Our company has leaped forward from a mom-and-pop shop to a leader in the NFT and Metaverse space.

  1. Our Technology: Propriety technology leverages the latest in AI and machine learning to accelerate speed to market at scale

  2. Our Access: Exclusive partnerships with the biggest players in the metaverse and access to key social media influencers to help promote and drive traffic for your brand

  3. Our People: Rare combination of executives, production resources, and scalable technologists that are seasoned pros with a diverse portfolio in adoption and mastery or emerging technologies

  4. Our Approach: On-site or virtual our team has a methodology to help on-board and accelerate your digital presence in this new landscape with flexible pricing models enabling you to ramp your investment options as you track your ROI


We’re excited to work with you!

Avigation AI brings together a rare combination of speed, agility, and technology expertise and exclusive partnerships to accelerate your digital production and get you to market in the metaverse.

While we are still relatively at the early stages of the Metaverse, our team has several years of experience to share to help accelerate your adoption. Together we’ll identify strategic points of entry and opportunities to pilot your brand in the metaverse while evaluating what unique assets you may be able to market via NFT’s in several digital spaces.

IF you’re curious about why to join events in the metaverse, what to NFT, how to create an eCommerce engine…

Here’s a few ways to get started with Avigation AI:

  • Discovery: Ideation and review of your assets

  • Strategy: Purposeful campaign planning on how, when, where, and why to go metaverse

  • Production: AI/ML-driven detection of images, video, music, and minting of NFT’s

  • 3D Metaverse Design: blueprint to full digital production of booth for virtual event

  • Live Event Mgmt: Training/Education: avatar creation, dialogue script, and staff traffic management for verse events

  • Membership Access: Exclusive access to metaverse partnerships for NFT placement

  • Data & Insights: Intelligence centered on campaign performance and optimization of NFT assets

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