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We’re excited to work with you!

Avigation AI brings together a rare combination of speed, agility, and technology expertise and exclusive partnerships to accelerate your digital production and get you to market in the metaverse.

While we are still relatively at the early stages of the Metaverse, our team has several years of experience to share to help accelerate your adoption. Together we’ll identify strategic points of entry and opportunities to pilot your brand in the metaverse while evaluating what unique assets you may be able to market via NFT’s in several digital spaces.

IF you’re curious about why to join events in the metaverse, what to NFT, how to create an eCommerce engine…

Here’s a few ways to get started with Avigation AI:

  • Discovery: Ideation and review of your assets

  • Strategy: Purposeful campaign planning on how, when, where, and why to go metaverse

  • Production: AI/ML-driven detection of images, video, music, and minting of NFT’s

  • 3D Metaverse Design: blueprint to full digital production of booth for virtual event

  • Live Event Mgmt: Training/Education: avatar creation, dialogue script, and staff traffic management for verse events

  • Membership Access: Exclusive access to metaverse partnerships for NFT placement

  • Data & Insights: Intelligence centered on campaign performance and optimization of NFT assets


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